Quiet Notes: Spiritual Journal Course


Quiet Notes: Spiritual Journal Course

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A self-paced online spiritual journalling course, in four, weekly sessions, opens Saturday 7 September 2019.

The course will be a four part course.

Content will be sent out to you in time for each weekend.

It will be focused on practical journalling as a way of reflecting on silent sitting, meditation and contemplation practice. Often, things come up when we sit. Poems, notes, reflections. A good way to record these, for further reflection, to look back over time, or even for publication, is to keep a journal.

In the course, you will learn to keep a journal (ideally daily, but without compulsion or obligation, it should be a natural process) how to engage with it as a spiritual practice, and how to develop and grow with it.

Inspirations for the course will come from writers such as Thomas Merton, poets such as Bashō, and other famous, and lesser known diarists. However, it won’t focus on that aspect. Rather, it will be focused on practical ways and email exchanges on your diary/journal practice.

In your journal, you may write notes on your silent sitting/meditation/contemplation practice, you may write reflections, poems or other notes. You may write down deep insights that arise whilst sitting, or afterwards, between sessions.

It’s a way of exploring the ways of doing this, so your journal becomes not only a practice, but a practical spiritual tool.

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