Poetry Dojo : Fellowship


Poetry Dojo : Fellowship

from 50.00 every month

Join the poetry dōjō as a fellow and receive:

  1. Access to the private dōjō journal (view index), with material from masters of Zen, Chan and Daoist poetry, to contemplate and inspire your practice.

  2. Join me monthly for readings, commentary and contemplations from the book of the month.

  3. A weekly Ensō practice session, with audio meditation, reading, talk and text (60–90 mins).

  4. Personalised support and feedback delivered via email (including occasional voice notes).

  5. The opportunity to publish in the fellows and students only monthly highlights and annual poetry collection in Between Two Pines poetry journal.

Note: There are 10 fellowship places only. Ideally, you will first have completed or enrolled on Small Silences to join as a fellow. If you have a genuine wish to join the dōjō and cannot meet this requirement, please email me and tell me your reason for wishing to join us. Fellows receive free access to poetry workshops and courses up to 4 weeks in length, offered in the dōjō, as well as weekly workshops and mentoring.

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