BashO: a life in poetry

To learn about pine trees, go to the pine tree;
to learn of the bamboo, study bamboo.

— Matsuo Bashō

An online series for poets, writers and contemplatives.

A four week workshop series exploring the journeys and stages of Bashō's life through his journals and poetry. 4 workshops, with daily inspirations from the life of Bashō.

The course is open now, for you to join and follow at your own pace and timing.

Delivered online over 4 weeks, the course offers a daily poem or quote for contemplation and inspiration, with a weekly session offering 45 to 60 minutes of study material per session. You might spend around 60 to 90 minutes or more on the weekly session, including your own practice, according to the time you have available to explore the material. You can read and listen to an example of the style of session here.

Each weekly session will include an opening meditation, poems, quotes and notes from Bashō, and a commentary and talk, with practice notes. 

Course materials, delivered online, include audio, text, reading material and further reading references. Audio can be downloaded during the course for use offline.

On purchase of the course, you will receive a web link and password for the main course page and introduction, usually within 24 hours, via email, so please ensure I receive the correct email, as PayPal can sometimes provide an out of date email (the email address your account was opened under) to the recipient (me), when purchasing. This material will be accessible from 6 July onwards.

Note: Fellows of Poetry Dōjō receive full access to this and all courses I offer, along with one to one mentoring via email and voice notes. For further info, visit Poetry Dōjō.