Image : Hogetsu

On Sunday 23 September, 2012, after almost 30 years as a Buddhist, I formally entered the Buddhist path, and am pictured here with my teacher, Daizan Rōshi, and my latest Sangha brother, Anzan (Peaceful Mountain), who took Precepts with me that day.

We took Jukai (Buddhist lay ordination) with Daizan Rōshi, in the presence of 18 Sangha friends on the last day of Autumn Sesshin, a 6 day intensive Zen meditation retreat. 

In the ceremony, I formally received the Dharma name Ando, which I was already using as my name. I am honoured that my teacher chose to offer me this name as my Dharma name, as I chose it, needing a name with significant personal meaning. It is a reminder to remain peaceful. Ando means Peaceful Way.

This was a truly joyous event for us all, and I wish to thank HogetsuRyōsen, and Hozan in particular for their guidance and support.

I have now also formally entered the path as a trainee Zen teacher in the Rinzai Zen lineage.